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Punakha Dzong
Tiger Mountain
Lo Manthang


India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Sri Lanka 

Twenty six years ago, a group of friends left one of India’s largest travel networks, to be connoisseurs of a different east and the creators of a discerning traveller’s itinerary. A british gentleman behind the name, had returned to india in search of his colonial roots, but stayed on. He instilled an informal sense of professionalism into the company, which continues to prevail. That was the beginning of ventours in 1986. Today, this group of friends can be found in offices in mumbai, delhi, jaipur, agra, udaipur, varanasi and jodhpur.


Over the years, ventours has represented the most accomplished travel companies in the united states. And, keeping in mind the new definitions of luxury travel, we now have Ventours Aviation to cater to private travel needs within the region. A ventours experience has no conventional guides – only partners in your journey of discovery, art historians and ambassadors who are invited for guest lectures at monuments and sites. It is truly an experience that only a chosen few can give a chosen few.



116 Dalamal Tower

211 Nariman Point

Mumbai - 400 021